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The Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Agreement with BS Air

Posted on by BS Air Team


Regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit is an obvious way to save you from costly repairs on a poorly functioning unit. A yearly maintenance policy ensures your unit is constantly running to the highest efficiency possible and that it follows regulation standards at all times. Here at BS Air, we want to ensure that your products remain high-quality no matter how long you have them, and offer an annual maintenance agreement with your unit so our skilled engineers ensure it’s never losing efficiency.

We’ve listed the top benefits of having your air conditioning unit regularly maintained.

Improved Efficiency

On average, your air conditioning unit will lose 5% of its efficiency per year without proper, professional maintenance. Regular system checks ensure your unit is always functioning to full capacity, and enable you to recognise signs of wear quickly and organise any necessary repairs.


A lack of regular maintenance checks could lead to a major breakdown, requiring expensive replacements. It proves to be far more cost-effective to regularly make small repairs to your unit if needed than to allow a major break to occur.

Safer Environment

Dirty components can reduce the air quality in your environment, potentially causing allergies or respiratory problems. Regular maintenance will reduce this risk and ensure everyone in your home or office are safe, whilst the better air quality and increased efficiency guarantees a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Why BS Air?

Experienced Team

Here at BS Air, all our engineers hold current F Gas qualifications and are highly trained to provide first-rate servicing, ensuring that any problem is identified and repaired as soon as possible.

Fully-stocked Service Vehicles

We operate fully-stocked service vehicles with many spare parts on hand for quick fixes, whilst our workshop is constantly stocked to ensure that any emergency repairs or replacement parts can be located as soon as possible.

Network of Suppliers

For more specialist problems, we have a comprehensive network of suppliers in place with long-lasting relationships, ensuring that we can get access to any parts we don’t have, at a cost-effective and rapid rate.


BS Air offer a range of comprehensive air conditioning and ventilation services throughout the South West, and our Annual Maintenance Agreement ensures your units remain functioning to their highest capacity, saving you money in the process.

Contact our friendly team today for professional advice, or to discuss our services further, and we would be happy to help.


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